Architectural Design

Esti-Correct think that art and science are combined in building. Sincerity and practicality are the cornerstones of our designer, and a variety of approaches are able to suit the unique interests and preferences of each customer. The goal of each of these locations is to provide a positive client experience.
The use of materials, colors, and lighting in interior design, which tries to employ them in ways that are both aesthetically beautiful and soothing, is another factor in producing such fulfilling experiences.

Because the building must interact with its surroundings, the location is critical in the concept design phase. So, when it comes to facades, they can be designed to blend in or to stand out.
We develop our architectural designs by carefully utilizing on-site resources such as conventional foliage, breezeways, and existing sunlight to shade, light, and cool the building, especially when designing for the hotter, drier areas.

We’ve Got You

Our engineering department is well versed with the latest designing & detailing tools.